About us

Through daily work and learning with an expert mentor and by training in the profession, I gained the knowledge and experience that have led me to found Orking d.o.o. After ten years of working experience at Svod d.o.o. I had the opportunity to get acquainted with a bigger picture of the construction profession (design and expert supervision in civil engineering, construction, plumbing(water suply) and sewage installation ...). With professional training I passed MODUL 1 (energy certification) and educated for a permanent court expert in civil engineering.

Design and professional supervision

Water suply and sewage

Sanitary-fecal and rainwater


Concrete, wood, steel …

Civil engineering

Roads, pedestrian and bicycle paths, manipulative surfaces …

Sport facilites

Athletic racetracks and arenas, soccer, basketball, volleybal, tenis…

Children’s playgrounds, outdoor fitness and adrenaline parks
Energy reviews and energy certificates